Exam Results

We are delighted with both GCSE and A level results this year; they reflect the hard work and commitment of students, the dedication and skill of our staff and the support you have given your children and the school. Please find below some detail, and for some pictures use the links below to take you to the appropriate part of the Gazette’s website.



Outstanding A Level Results

% entries resulting in grade A* 10%
% entries resulting in grades A* and A 32%
% entries resulting in grades A* to B 64%
% entries resulting in grades A* to C 86%
% entries resulting in grades A* to E 99.4%

Three students achieved 3 passes at A*:

Simon Alliston Mathematics (A*), Further Mathematics (A*), Physics (A*)
Chloe Moullec Mathematics (A*), Further Mathematics (A*), Physics (A*), Spanish (A)
Ellie Freer Biology (A*), Fine Art (A*), Geography (A*)

Four student results included 2 passes at A*:

Dom Barton Biology (A), Chemistry (A*), Physics (A*), Extended Project Qualification (A)
Gwennan Hughes Biology (A*), French (A*), History (A)
Rachel Hughes Psychology (A*), Sociology (A*), Spanish (B)
Jude Warner Willich Mathematics (A*), Further Mathematics (A*), Physics (A)

A further five students achieved results which included 3 passes at A/A* with 1 pass at A*:

Rowan Gibbard Biology (A), Chemistry (A), Fine Art (A), Japanese (A*)
Meghan Sell Chemistry (A), French (A), Mathematics (A*), Physics (A)
Tess Knowles Chemistry (B), Mathematics (A*), Further Mathematics (A), Physics (A)
Richard Pearcy Chemistry (A), Mathematics (A*), Physics (A)
Dan Watson Biology (A), Chemistry (A), Spanish (A*)

Three students achieved three passes at grade A:

Abigail Bates Chemistry (A), Mathematics (A), Psychology (A)
Bethany Cox Biology (A), Chemistry (A), Mathematics (A)
Eve McFarland Biology (A), Mathematics (A), Psychology (A)

Excellent GCSE Results

% entries resulting in grades 7/8/9 (grades A*/A) 30%
% students achieving grades 5 and above in Maths and English 60%
% students achieving grades 4 and above in Maths and English 82%

Some students attained exceptional grades as follows with 8 or more grade 9s:

Archie Gent 9 grade 9, 2 grade 8,
Adele Woodward 9 grade 9, 1 grade 7
Elodie Sparrow 8 grade 9, 2 grade 8, 1 grade 7
Carys Wareham 8 grade 9, 3 grade 8

6 students achieved 6 or 7 grade 9s:

Eliza Boyd 7 grade 9, 1 grade 8, 3 grade 7
Joshua Morland 7 grade 9, 3 grade 8, 2 grade 7
Milly Bridges 6 grade 9, 3 grade 8, 1 grade 7
John Cooper Wilde 6 grade 9, 4 grade 8, 1 grade 7
Ethan Cox 6 grade 9, 2 grade 8, 2 grade 7, 2 grade 6
Hazel Garrett 6 grade 9, 2 grade 8, 4 grade 7

11 students achieved 4 or 5 grade 9s

Sam Bollard Philip Gunton
James Tofts Jennifer Weston
Carwyn Coates Oisin Doherty
Rebecca Dormer Arjun Halaith
Emily Haynes Dylan Mead
Charlie Reynolds

10 students achieved 2 or 3 grade 9s

Toby Moss Rufus Wells
Giles Dakin Alice Ford
Grace Gamble Benjamin Hitchings
Louise Howard Adrien Moullec
Nelly Porter Rebecca Wheal

There are naturally many other success stories at both A level and GCSE across all grades; students overcoming challenging circumstances, gaining entry to sixth form, moving onto university or college, for example. We are proud of each and every student and their achievements.

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