School Canteen

Following a successful bid to the DfE, the school canteen is currently undergoing a £455,000 refurbishment. While the work is being undertaken, a selection of sandwiches, rolls, wraps, salads, snacks and drinks is available in the canteen and at the snackshack during both morning and lunchtime breaks (please see price lists below).

Please note that not all items are in stock at all times but we hope that the variety on offer will give students plenty of choice.

• Gingerbread men 80P
• Oaty cookies 60p
• Mini muffins 40p
• Popcorn 60p
• Cereal bars 80p
• Twin packed biscuits 30p

• Rubicon £1.00
• Flavoured water 80p
• Sparkling water 60p
• Cartons of juice 60p
• Bottled water 60p
• Fruit Shoots 60p

• Chicken salad
• Chicken sweetcorn and mayo
• Chicken mayo
• Chicken bacon and stuffing
• Chicken tikka
• Tuna
• Tuna and sweetcorn
• Ham
• Ham and cheese
• Egg mayo
• Cheese plain

• Ham
• Chicken mayo
• Tuna mayo
• Cheese

WRAPS £2.00
• Duck in hoi sin sauce
• Chicken salad
• BBQ Chicken

SALADS £2.00
• Tuna classic
• Chicken and Bacon
• Vegan sweet potato Falafel
• Sweet chili chicken noodles
• Spicy Arrabbiata Chicken pasta
• Italian Meatballs pasta

Gluten free roll £2.50
• Ham & cheese

Vegan sandwich £1.60
• Vegan sausage and red onion

Crisps are available at 60p only if purchased with one of the items listed above.

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