Our Curriculum

Our wide-ranging Sixth Form Curriculum is delivered by experienced subject teachers who seek to enthuse students with excitement and passion for their chosen areas of study.

Our Academic Subjects

Biology Business Chemistry Design and Technology
Drama and Theatre Studies Economics English Literature Film Studies
Art: Fine Art Geography Art: Graphic Communication (Graphic Art) History
French Spanish Japanese Mandarin Chinese
Mathematics and Further Mathematics Music Art: Photography – Lens and Light based Media Physical Education
Physics Psychology Sociology

Programme of Study

To study 4 subjects: We recommend that students with mainly grades 6 to 9 at GCSE would be best suited to studying 4 subjects in Year 12. At the end of Year 12, most students will reduce their programme to 3 subjects for Year 13.

To study 3 subjects: We recommend that students with mainly grades 4 and 5 at GCSE would be best suited to studying 3 subjects in Year 12.

PSHE / Life Skills Programme

Our bespoke ‘Life Skills’ programme allows students to access a range of talks, presentations, workshops and enrichment opportunities which help guide them through Sixth Form life and prepare them for life beyond. At the heart of our programme is the objective to nurture our students’ personal, social, moral and cultural dimension whilst in our care.

A main part of our curriculum guides and supports students thorough their career or university choice. The schedule also offers advice on health and well-being, and also has a clear focus on guiding students through examinations by reinforcing study skills and the importance of personal organisation.

In the first few weeks, we focus on developing a Sixth Form mindset and picturing what students want to achieve with us. We offer talks and presentations from charities, volunteering groups and external agencies to help students engage with society in a positive way.

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